Holistic Sleep Support

My approach to sleep is holistic which means I will take the following aspects into consideration when supporting you through sleep challenges:

  • your child’s age, temperament, development and emotional wellbeing
  • your parenting style, connection and attachment to your child
  • family dynamics, optimal sleep environment and nutrition

I will work with you to discover the reasons behind the sleep issues and provide support and solutions to address the cause of the sleep challenge using an integrative approach.   This approach includes applying the foundations of sleep, sleep science and if necessary, gentle sleep coaching methods.  Whether you are breastfeeding, bottle feeding, co-sleeping or not, I can support you to find suitable solutions to your current sleep situation.

What I can help you with

Pregnancy Sleep

Newborn swaddling & settling

Creating an optimal sleep environment

Transitioning from co-sleeper/bassinet to cot

Transitioning from cot to bed

Minimising night wakings

Night weaning strategies

Establishing a routine

Bedtime routines


Early rising

Sleep regressions

Toddler Sleep

and much more

Workshops & Support Packages


Sleep Workshops  3 hrs


Each workshop is jam-packed with information, tips and strategies to help you improve sleep for everyone in your home.

Private workshops also available.

Newborn Workshops:

0-12 weeks

Sundays 1-4pm  Nundah

3 Mar, 16 Jun

Baby Workshops:

5-12 months

Sundays 1-4pm  Nundah

28 Apr

Toddler Workshops:

1-3 years

tba Nundah


Newborn Sleep Support


0 to 3 months

for pregnant couples wanting to set their newborns up for successful sleep OR

for parents wanting to improve their newborn’s sleep

Includes; swaddling, sleep environment, settling techniques, appropriate routines, sleep education and we will address any current sleep challenges. 

No sleep training techniques are used with newborns*


Baby & Child Sleep Support


5 months to 5 years

Includes identifying your sleep challenge, setting goals and providing a personalised sleep plan with follow up support.

We can help you with; routines, scheduling naps, learning self-soothing & independent sleep techniques, weaning strategies,

bedtime antics, transitioning from co-sleeping to cot or cot to bed and much more*


Maternity Sleep Support


for pregnant mums
Includes; full consultation on your current sleep challenges & a plan of action

to help improve your sleep for the duration of your pregnancy.

Also includes information and tips on newborn sleep including; how to swaddle, set up optimal sleep environment, settling tips, wake windows & sleep education*

Workshop location

North Brisbane Heath Centre, 1359 Sandgate Road, Nundah

*Sleep Support Packages include:

Detailed questionnaire, Skype/Facetime consultation (1-2 hrs), personalised sleep plan, follow up consultation (1 hr) and ongoing support for 3 weeks (unlimited email & 4 x 20 min phone calls to troubleshoot and tweak if necessary).