Holistic Sleep Support

What I can help you with

Pregnancy Sleep

Newborn swaddling & settling

Creating an optimal sleep environment

Transitioning from co-sleeper/bassinet to cot

Transitioning from cot to bed

Minimising night wakings

Night weaning strategies

Establishing a routine

Bedtime routines


Early rising

Sleep regressions

Toddler Sleep

and much more

My approach to sleep is holistic which means I will take the following aspects into consideration when supporting you through sleep challenges:

  • your child’s age, temperament, development and emotional wellbeing
  • your parenting style, connection and attachment to your child
  • family dynamics, optimal sleep environment and nutrition

I will work with you to discover the reasons behind the sleep issues and provide support and solutions to address the cause of the sleep challenge using an integrative approach.   This approach includes applying the foundations of sleep, sleep science and if necessary, gentle sleep coaching methods.  Whether you are breastfeeding, bottle feeding, co-sleeping or not, I can support you to find suitable solutions to your current sleep situation.

Workshops & Support Packages


Sleep Workshops  3 hrs


Each workshop is jam-packed with information, tips and strategies to help you improve sleep for everyone in your home.

Private workshops also available.

Newborn Workshops:

0-12 weeks

Sundays 1-4pm  Nundah

31 Mar, 16 Jun

Baby Workshops:

5-12 months

Sundays 1-4pm  Nundah

28 Apr

Workshop location:

North Brisbane Heath Centre,

1359 Sandgate Road, Nundah


Newborn Sleep Support


0 to 3 months

Discover why your newborn is sleeping the way they are and learn methods to help soothe, settle and get the best sleep possible.

This support package works with sleep foundations only (no sleep training is used with newborns) so we look at:

optimal sleep environment, feeding, emotional wellbeing, age-appropriate routines, sleep science, sleep education, settling & swaddling and we will address any current sleep challenges. 

Package includes: online questionnaire analysis, Skype/Facetime consultation (1-2 hrs), personalised sleep plan, follow up consultation (1 hr) and ongoing support for 3 weeks (unlimited email & 4 x 20 min phone calls to troubleshoot and tweak if necessary).


Baby & Child Sleep Support


5 months to 5 years

In this support package we will identify your sleep challenge, set goals and provide you with a personalised sleep plan to implement with support.

I can help you with; routines, naps, feeding, learning self-soothing & independent sleep, weaning strategies, bedtime antics, transitioning from co-sleeping to own cot/bed, transitioning from your room to own room, minimising night waking and much more.

Package includes: online questionnaire analysis, Skype/Facetime consultation (1-2 hrs), personalised sleep plan, follow up consultation (1 hr) and ongoing support for 3 weeks (unlimited email & 4 x 20 min phone calls to troubleshoot and tweak if necessary).


  • Carla took the time to really understand where we were at with our daughters’ sleep as well as helping us to better understand their sleep needs. She put together a detailed and practical plan that was personally tailored to us and we saw great improvement very quickly. We highly recommend Carla if you need to get your family’s sleep back on track.

    Brooke, Richie, Annabel and Georgia
  • Fergus was an excellent newborn sleeper so when we hit four month sleep regression, leap four and a growth spurt in one hit we really felt it! By 4.5 months Ferg was waking 1.5-2 hourly overnight and catnapping during the day and I would often have to feed him to sleep. We were exhausted and anxious. Carla’s support was invaluable – her holistic, educational approach meant that we learned why Ferg’s sleep patterns were changing and were well equipped to support him and each other through his transition. We’re confident we can successfully navigate future transitions and I’m happy to say Fergus is now self-settling, has transitioned successfully to un-swaddled sleeping and is an all round happier Carla!

    Nicola and Mat
  • I honestly can’t thank you enough for your support through this. I was very nervous to reach out for help with his sleep as there is no way I could have let him cry and after the experience with my first child I thought this could be what I was told. You have absolutely helped in creating a much less stressful bedtime for us.

  • Thank you Carla for helping me understand and learn about my little boy, Liam’s sleep, particularly what is considered “normal and average” and what developments to expect in coming months.

    I think it is important for mums and dads out there to realise that you don’t only have to wait until you are in crisis with a baby that is not sleeping to call on someone with your expertise, but that it is invaluable to work with you early on to learn and develop strategies for future success.

    Although my baby already sleeps well at night, you helped me with creating positive sleep associations in regards to daytime naps and to help create a bit more of a routine. Liam’s daytime routine and length of naps have already improved and more importantly, I feel much more confident and equipped after working with you.

    Thank you for the caring and professional manner in which you approached our work together. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone interested in helping their babies develop healthy sleep associations and habits.

    Elna How