Hi, I’m Carla

I’m deeply passionate about women’s choices when it comes to pregnancy and birth and feel privileged to be working with women and their families in the way that I do.  Motherhood is very rewarding, but most of us experience difficult times along the way.  Supporting women through their own mothering journey, however that looks, is hugely important to me. Pregnancy and birth is the beginning of a life-long learning curve and sharing this with a community of like-minded women to learn from, grow with and support makes it all that much easier.

My Story

After a long career in corporate adult education, I took maternity leave and after the birth of my first child… never went back.

I discovered HypnoBirthing when I was pregnant with him and it made so much sense and opened my eyes about what birth could be like.  It was important to me that all women have access to relevant information and education about birth so that we can learn how to empower ourselves and our partners to have positive birth experiences.

Carla Morgan HypnoBirthing was founded in 2011 and soon after, I discovered Placenta Encapsulation.  I immediately saw a need for placenta encapsulation services for women and decided to make this accessible to women in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.  The potential for benefits was clearly evident to me and I was fortunate enough to experience placenta encapsulation first-hand with my second HypnoBirthing experience, the birth of my daughter and more recently with my third baby, also a daughter.

It was around this time, with a newborn, a toddler and a thriving small business that I found myself pondering how I might manage everything at once.  I was lucky that my newborn was a pretty good sleeper but that all changed around the 6 month mark and I soon spent a lot of time focusing on sleep, how to get more of it and how to ensure my family did as well.

This led me down my most recent path of learning and discovery and I added Maternity and Child Sleep Consulting to my services.  Birth and Baby Hub was born, soon after so was my third child as I expanded my services to include holistic sleep workshops and sleep consultancy and I’m so excited to be working as Birth and Baby Hub moving forward.

I’m a Brisbane based business for HypnoBirthing and Placenta Encapsulation but I have helped families all over the world with their sleep challenges as these consultations can take place over Skype or Facetime.  Please reach out if you need help, support or just want to have a chat!

Why choose me

I love learning, teaching and sharing information and have a wealth of experience in education and teaching.  Qualifications include:

IMPI Maternity and Child Sleep Consultant

Certified Happiest Baby Educator (CHBE)

HypnoBirthing® International Practitioner (HBCE)

HypnoMothering™ Practitioner 


IPEN Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist