Holistic Sleep Support

Sleep Consulting

Private baby sleep support to achieve your goals & improve sleep.

1 hr consult or 3 wk support packages.


Birth – 5 years

Online Sleep Workshops

Group or private workshops to learn all about sleep patterns, settling, setting up your sleep space & age-appropriate routines.

Online & face-to-face Brisbane.

Birth – 3 years

In-service Talks

Baby & Toddler Sleep Workshops for parents & staff professional development in Day Care & Early Learning Centres.


Birth – 5 years.

Are you…

Pregnant and worried about your baby’s sleep… cause everyone has told you you’ll never sleep again.

Overwhelmed by all the conflicting advice on google, facebook & in mother’s groups.

Wondering what 2 hours sleep in a row would actually feel like again.

Beyond tired and in the depth’s of sleep deprivation

At a loss as to what to do next with your toddler at bedtime.

Believe me, I’ve been there.  I resisted change until it became unworkable, if I’d had the information & support to make positive changes at the time, my life would have been so much easier.

Join me for baby sleep support in the form that suits you.  One-on-one online consulting, private workshops or group workshops (Brisbane).

Baby Sleep Support Options

1 hr Online Consult  $150 

(pregnancy to 3 mths)

If you want a basic overview of sleep for your baby or you want to chat through some issues you’re experiencing at the moment, this option is for you.  Prior to the call I’ll give you a short online questionnaire to fill in so that we can use our phone call to get right into the details.

This option is good for pregnant couples who’d like an overview of newborn sleep.  We’ll chat about sleep environment, what to expect, routines vs schedules, settling and swaddling.

You might also choose this option if you already have a newborn and would like some tips and pointers on getting the best sleep possible from your baby.

Or you might have an older baby or toddler and you have sleep pretty much sorted but are experiencing some issues that you’d like to chat through with an expert.  This is also an option.



3 Week Support Package  $380 

(5 mths to 5 yrs)

This option is for you if you are experiencing challenges with sleep, you’re at a loss as to what to do to improve your child’s sleep and/or you’d like a personalised baby sleep support plan for your child.  This option comes with personalised support while you implement your changes (3 weeks).

How it works?

  1. I gather detailed information about your child, their sleep challenges and your goals (online questionnaire)
  2. I gift you a Sleep App and you begin tracking your child’s sleep
  3. We have a skype or face-to-face (Brisbane) consultation (1-2 hrs)
  4. I provide you with a personalised sleep plan and talk you through the steps.
  5. I support you with phone calls, in-app messaging and email support for 3 weeks*
  6. You receive a ‘next steps’ plan at the end of our support period.

*Package includes: questionnaire analysis, initial 1-2 hr consultation, personalised sleep plan, 1 hr follow up consult and 3 weeks of ongoing support (email and in-app messaging daily + calls when needed).



Online Baby Sleep Workshop 

10am – 12pm


Sunday March 29

For parents of babies aged 5-12 months

We’ll cover safe sleep environment, age-appropriate routines, emotional well-being, nutrition & developmental milestones.  You’ll come away with a plan to take home and implement to improve sleep for your little one.


Private Newborn Workshop

2.5 hrs


pregnancy to 3 months

A private sleep workshop in the privacy of your own home or online via Zoom

Suitable for pregnant couples planning for their new arrival or those already with a newborn who’d like more information or want to troubleshoot current challenges.

We’ll cover safe sleep environment, swaddling, settling, routines vs schedules, emotional wellbeing and more.


Long Daycare & ELC Workshop

2.5 hrs


Baby & Toddler Workshop

birth to 5 years

A workshop that caters specifically to parents and carers in Long Day Care / Early Learning Centre environments.

Suitable for staff professional development & parent information night combined.

Why work with me?

I’m supportive of breastfeeding, bottle feeding, bed-sharing, co-sleeping and independent sleep and have helped families all over the world with their sleep challenges.  I’m trained, certified, experienced & have personal experience with sleep challenges (I have 3 children myself).

Your child and your household are unique so a one-size-fits-all approach to sleep just doesn’t work.   I’ll gain an understanding of your challenge and provide you with personalised guidance along the way so that you can improve sleep for your entire family.

I can help you with:

Swaddling & settling your newborn, setting up a safe & optimal sleep space, implementing age-appropriate routines, nutrition & understanding how it impacts on sleep, bedtime routines & strategies, minimising night wakings, transitioning from co-sleeping/bedsharing to own room/cot, naps, sleep regressions, early rising and much more.

What parents say

  • Carla took the time to really understand where we were at with our daughters’ sleep as well as helping us to better understand their sleep needs. She put together a detailed and practical plan that was personally tailored to us and we saw great improvement very quickly. We highly recommend Carla if you need to get your family’s sleep back on track.

    Brooke, Richie, Annabel and Georgia
  • Fergus was an excellent newborn sleeper so when we hit four month sleep regression, leap four and a growth spurt in one hit we really felt it! By 4.5 months Ferg was waking 1.5-2 hourly overnight and catnapping during the day and I would often have to feed him to sleep. We were exhausted and anxious. Carla’s support was invaluable – her holistic, educational approach meant that we learned why Ferg’s sleep patterns were changing and were well equipped to support him and each other through his transition. We’re confident we can successfully navigate future transitions and I’m happy to say Fergus is now self-settling, has transitioned successfully to un-swaddled sleeping and is an all round happier baby!  Thanks Carla!

    Nicola and Mat
  • I honestly can’t thank you enough for your support through this. I was very nervous to reach out for help with his sleep as there is no way I could have let him cry and after the experience with my first child I thought this could be what I was told. You have absolutely helped in creating a much less stressful bedtime for us.

  • Thank you Carla for helping me understand and learn about my little boy, Liam’s sleep, particularly what is considered “normal and average” and what developments to expect in coming months.

    I think it is important for mums and dads out there to realise that you don’t only have to wait until you are in crisis with a baby that is not sleeping to call on someone with your expertise, but that it is invaluable to work with you early on to learn and develop strategies for future success.

    Although my baby already sleeps well at night, you helped me with creating positive sleep associations in regards to daytime naps and to help create a bit more of a routine. Liam’s daytime routine and length of naps have already improved and more importantly, I feel much more confident and equipped after working with you.

    Thank you for the caring and professional manner in which you approached our work together. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone interested in helping their babies develop healthy sleep associations and habits.

    Elna How
  • Carla helped us establish an age appropriate routine for our daughter who has gone from overtired and unsettled, to a happy and developing 4-month old. She taught us gentle methods that both my husband and I can implement, which has reduced the time it takes to get her to settle for naps and bedtime.


    Thanks again

    Lydia, Greg & Dahlia

    Lydia, Greg & Dahlia