You deserve a positive birth

It’s your body, your baby and your birth.

If you are…

Constantly circling ‘what if’ scenarios through your head

Tired of hearing negative and traumatic birth stories

Anxious or worried about your upcoming birth

Unsure about your care provider or birth options

OR if you are…

Sure about what you want for birth but not sure how to achieve it

Wanting your partner to support you

Wanting to learn tools that you can use in labour..

then consider HypnoBirthing

What is HypnoBirthing?

HypnoBirthing is a 5 week face-to-face program that prepares mind & body for birth.

It combines education, practical labour tools & partner support strategies to empower you & your partner.

It provides information on birth choices & how to advocate for what you want in birth. 

Benefits of HypnoBirthing

77% of HypnoBirthing mothers birthed vaginally without epidural

45% birthed in under 8 hours

17% birthed via C-section compared to our national average of 32%

9.5% chose homebirth compared to our national average of less than 1%

What you’ll learn

How your body and your hormones work for you in birth.

How to follow your body and tap into your instincts.

Breathing, relaxation, visualisation & deepening techniques for labour & birth.

Partner support strategies (counter-pressure, rebozo, acupressure & emotional support).

Optimal baby positioning and active birth positions.

That fear is counter-productive to birth & how to manage this.

To advocate for your birthing choices, communicate with care providers and write a birth plan.

Post-natal strategies for the 4th trimester.

What’s included

12-13 hours of course tuition.

HypnoBirthing Book and CD with bonus relaxation tracks.

Rainbow Relaxation & Birth Affirmations MP3 download.

Spiral-bound parents booklet.

Support from me, your HypnoBirthing Practitioner throughout your pregnancy.

Personalised ‘breech turn’ or ‘induction’ session available as an add on if needed.


Upcoming Classes

HypnoBirthing Group

5 week Course

Thursdays  Mar 12 – Apr 9

6.30 – 9.30 pm


@ My Midwives – Red Hill

HypnoBirthing Refresher

Scheduled on a day & time to suit you

$200 for 2.5 hrs

Held in your home or online via Zoom

HypnoBirthing Private

Scheduled on days & times to suit you


Held in your home or online via Zoom

Birth Boot Camp

2 day Workshop

Sundays Apr 5 & 19 – ONLINE 

Sundays  May 31 & Jun 7

9am – 4pm


@ Grange Community Hall

What parents say

  • Reading the book was good, having classes was AMAZING! So just saying thank you Carla for everything

    first time mum, Brisbane.
  • Carla had a relaxed and light hearted teaching style which was very informative and interactive. My husband and I walked away from each session with Carla feeling more knowledgable, confident and excited for our babies birthing day. HypnoBirthing positively altered my perception of the stories around childbirth and took me from a state of fear to complete confidence and excitement! Every parent will benefit from the techniques. They are empowering, positive programs to condition the mind before,during and after birth. The Birthday day of my beautiful 9 pound baby girl Savannah was a successful natural birth using the HypnoBirthing affirmations, breathing techniques and positive support from my doula and husband. It was truly magical. I am so grateful I found HypnoBirthing before my first child and for Carla’s teachings and support. Thanks Carla!!

    Jade & Matt Geyser
    first time parents, Brisbane
  • Wanted to say a HUGE THANKYOU for the course. It helped so massively. I really believe that Lexie was able to come so quickly and smoothly because of all we learned. I was able to stay at home for the majority of the labour and had a very calm experience. We arrived and hospital 2.15 and Lexie came at 3.15am. All in all a really positive experience and we owe it to you and hypnobirthing.

    first time mum, Brisbane
  • Just wanted to let you know that we gave birth to Astoria on Tuesday 16th June (4 days early) at 1:56pm, 3.67 kgs. 16 hrs and just gas. We got to the hospital at 2:00am and I was 4cm. No tears or stitches – Woo hoo! If you had told me before our classes that I would be giving birth naturally without an epi I would have laughed and thought that was impossible.

    I stood up or leaned over a ball in the shower the entire time and was then asked to lay on my side towards the end as Astoria was coming down on an angle, after an internal battle for a while I finally said out loud I wanted an epi. The midwife checked me and got all excited, “the baby’s nearly here, I’ll have to call Charlotte (My Ob). You’ve been so calm, I can’t believe this is your first baby, you have made a great team” Blah blah, it felt like she was rambling for so long (probably wasn’t!).

    It was an amazing, positive experience and dare I say we both actually enjoyed it. I’ve had many friends comment on how positive we both were about the birth and how much more confident they feel about their own future births based on our experience.

    I found the Hypnobirthing techniques/learnings helpful for after birth too, from getting back to sleep after night feeds in the beginning or just handling those stressful times better.

    I’m so very thankful for our parenting journey so far and I know the Hypnobirthing classes with you have played a very big part in that. Thank you so much for changing my perception on birth!

    first time mum, Morningside
  • Just Brilliant! By the end of this course, I felt a lot of unnecessary fear diminish and my confidence improved greatly in preparation for my friend’s first birth. Carla was genuinely interested in providing valuable knowledge and skills that put my mind at ease, and assisted me in staying calm throughout the entire sequence of events of the birth. Carla was professional and articulate in the delivery of content, patient and understanding of my many and varied questions, and genuinely cared about us achieving the best possible outcome for all. I highly recommend this course to anyone having or assisting in the wonderful process that is ‘birth’.

    Jodi Rippey
    birth companion, Brisbane
  • HypnoBirthing was like having an invisible midwife with me throughout the entire labor, particularly for the lengthy part when we were home alone. I don’t know what would have happened without my trusty tool kit of breathing and relaxation techniques learnt throughout the course.

    first time mum, Macgregor
  • My lil boy is now 2 and a bit months old, 11 weeks, or 80 days if you want to be really specific and he is now sleeping so I have a bit of time. I wanted to say a massive belated thank you to Carla for all her help in the preparation and education for pregnancy and labour. If you are pregnant, soon to be pregnant, or one day think that you could be pregnant please keep HypnoBirthing in mind. It helped to give me the strength to give birth to my beautiful baby the way I wanted to, and helped Neil to be involved in the labour in the way he wanted also. Reading the book was good, having classes was AMAZING! So just saying thank you Carla for everything.

    first time mum, Taigum.
  • I’ve been meaning to write to thank you for your classes. Our baby boy arrived 4 days early and was only a 2 hour labour. We just made it to the hospital in time but didn’t make it off the consultation table into the birth centre room in enough time to meet him. Even though it wasn’t a very long labour, I feel your classes helped me to prepare my body and mind for a smooth, quick and almost painless labour. I will be recommending your classes to everyone.

    first time mum, Fortitude Valley
  • I recently completed HypnoBirthing with Carla in May and June 2014. I was due to have my first baby in July. As someone who strongly believes in the power of their mind and the capacity to go within, HypnoBirthing was an obvious choice for us as a birthing tool. In truth, we chose Carla’s program because she lived very close to us and it turned out to be an excellent decision. When I attend classes such as these, I often expect to be lectured at with a PowerPoint or presentation. As a facilitator, Carla took her classes to much greater level. We were engaged and actively participating from day one of the classes. She has a way of instructing that allows you to really get the techniques and tools being taught. Carla’s passion for what she does comes through in each and every interaction and she goes beyond what I expected from the program.What we gained most from the HypnoBirthing classes is a sense of unity. For the first time, my husband and myself felt like a “team” when it came to the birth of our son. We completed the program feeling like we were in this together; we had strategies for both of us and we both really understood our individual roles within the labour and birth process. It was a way in which we could come closer and for the first time, my husband felt he had a very important role in the birth of our son. Not only that, Carla got my husband to read the HypnoBirthing book! Now that is saying something!Our son was born 1st July 2014 in a home water birth. The HypnoBirthing techniques were used throughout the whole labour experience. I had envisioned myself to be a quiet hypnobirthing mum, however, I found myself to be a rather loud primal grunting hypnobirthing mum! Yet, it worked beautifully for me. There were times when it did feel like I couldn’t do it anymore, but each time I did, I was able to draw on the techniques, dig a little deeper and discover a new space of strength within that I didn’t know existed. My husband was calm and strong throughout and he was my epidural. 6 hours after labour began, with no drugs, just hynobirthing techniques, my posterior little man, Cayden, arrived!For anyone considering taking HypnoBirthing classes with Carla, I can strongly recommend them. The benefits of working with Carla are her passion, commitment and love of what she does. She puts so much into each class and we are very grateful she has been part of our journey.

    Helena Ryan
    first time mum, Boondall
  • After HypnoBirthing our way through a 55 hour labour, Trevor & I finally welcomed our little man, Indy Bergman Earthside on August 16th. He was born at 10.11pm & weighed 8.2 pounds (3.64kg) We laboured at home from the Thursday night until Saturday afternoon & couldn’t have done it without Carla’s assistance. We used a birth pool for relaxation & Trevor & our Doula, Monnie, encouraged me with affirmations, light touch & visualisation techniques. I was very happy to have a natural delivery and a physiological 3rd stage with delayed cord clamping. In the end it made for one blissed out mama & bub!! For anyone considering HypnoBirthing, I highly recommend Carla & The Mongan Method.

    second time HypnoBirthing mum, Emu Park
  • Carla Morgan’s HypnoBirthing classes took all the fear out of our birthing journey. With her help we had a beautiful, natural, and pain free birth…I would never have believed beforehand that such a thing was possible but Carla introduced us to an alternate labor experience, and gave us useful information and tools to make that experience a reality. I will be forever grateful.

    Lindsey Jackson
    first time mum, West End
  • ypnoBirthing was what I expected and more, relaxing, entertaining and very helpful. It made me more confident as a birthing companion and I would do it again to refresh before having a second child. I’d absolutely recommend it, it builds confidence and trust in your relationship and helps make everything flow smoothly. I could not speak highly enough of the course.

    first time dad, Oxley

HypnoBirthing in action

Oliver’s gentle water birth HypnoBirth

Daisy’s HypnoBirth Homebirth Water birth